Hello Awesome!

My name is Ife Adeagbo and I am a Woman of Impact. I inspire and equip heart centered ambitious professional and business leaders to move from average to awesome. I will help you stand out of the competitive crowd and shine, using your unique brand combo and culture to impact and influence the world in your own terms. And you know the next thing right?


In 2008, I left the Medical field to be an impact and career Doctor(lol). Ever since I found my true lane where my total awesomeness is accepted, appreciated and and truly rewarded, I have made it my job to help others find their true lane.

I wasn’t always like this but I stopped being average and started being awesome. Instead of average results, I had amazing impact and results in my own lane setting my own conditions. I became an author, company owner undergraduate and still graduated with a First class.


YOU can be Awesome too!


And for almost a decade now I have gotten more results but most importantly helped Professionals, business owners, and thousands of young people(through my company) to clarify their Authentic Identity, create impact and influence and have true satisfaction and success.

Do you want to shine at the place of work and build a brand that makes easy for more respect and speed climbing up the career ladder?

Do you have a burning desire to impact others with a brand message or platform and want to grow your visibility, influence and returns but don’t know where to start?

Would you like to amplify your brand and multiplying your profit through Speaking and Presentations?


Then… you are absolutely welcome!


In a nutshell, I can help you uncover the true identity of your career/business and use Contents and Communication Power to set you on your hill.

Enjoy your stay. Start with my free offer!


My Passion Story

The pursuit of a passionate and authentic life can be a story with its twists and turns. Sometimes we are excited and at other times we are in pool of tears. The constant thing remains that our pursuit is the proof of our passion and it keeps stirring us towards our purpose.

My story is not different, it has joys and pains but it is surely passionate.



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